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Adjustable Height - Electric Roll Mill

For Milling and Calendering 2 Part Silicone
See the VersaSil product range for suitable products.

Adjustable Height - Electric Roll Mill - Raised Up

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CE CertificationHeight adjustable two roll mill - CE Certification

For the mixing of HCR, silicones etc. All ductile polymers that cannot be mixed in a mixer may be mixed in this two roll mill. This big machine is capable of mixing op to 1,25 kg of material depending on the hardness. This machine has been developed to be able to work both standing or sitting. This machine offers the option of mixing large quantities of material in a standing position as well as colouring small amounts of material when sitting. The large space under the bottom roll offers a wide degree of freedom to the operator around the mixing rolls. This machine will be delivered with a desired safety device. All controls are ‘hold to run’.

Electrical height adjustment system
Standard work-height: variable from min. 1 to max. 1,35 [M]
Roll length: 0,6 [M]
Roll diameter: 0,2 [M]
GAP minimum - maximum: 0 – 25 [mm]
Rotation speed: variable 5 to 30 RPM
Massa of the machine: 350 [kG]
Dimensions: L x W x H (min/max): 0,6 x 1,2 x 1,1/1,45 [M]

Electric Power Supply.
230 Volt, 1 Ph and earth (50/60 Hz).
Power consumption: 1,8 [kW]
Zero volt safety

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