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Lightspan Photonics

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From LEDs to fiber optics, NuSil Technology's Lightspan® brand of silicone products delivers precise, custom formulations and the most comprehensive line of high-refractive index matching adhesives, encapsulants and fluids available. No matter how large or small the batch, NuSil guarantees the same high-quality care and commitment to excellence - that's a promise.

NuSil's engineered materials are based on advanced polymers for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We also offer testing services for optical materials characterizaon, including UV to Vis to NIR Spectrophotome tric transmission and Refractive Index vs. Wavelength and Temperature.

NuSil's laboratories will tailor any of our materials to meet your specific property requirements. In addition, because of our dedication to excellence, our high-performance silicone materials set the standard for quality, reliability and consistency.

The benefits that silicones offer include the following:

•Thermal Stability • Low Modulus • Low Shrinkage, < 1% • Low Ionic Species • Optical Clarity • Low Outgassing •Low Moisture Absorption • UV Resistance

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