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Lightspan Photonics - Low refractive index

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Optically clear encapsulation gels and thermosets
Optically clear encapsulation gels and thermosets

Low refractive index optical coating is dissolved in a non-toxic, non-flammable solvent. Coating is conveniently dry to the touch within 10 minutes at room temperature. Once dry, the coating's index of refraction (<1.33) is low enough to aid total internal reflection as a cladding on planar waveguides or bare fiber runs, or as an anti-reflection coating on prisms, faceplates, and lenses. Coating is chemically inert, non-toxic, and resists degradation at processing temperatures up to 300ºC (572ºF). Its low surface energy allows it to be used as a surface barrier film for masking or repelling migrating adhesives, inks, and oils; useful as a water or dust-repellent coating on optically sensitive surfaces, and as an optically clear mold release agent for precision plastic optics.

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